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For centuries, the Heisenberg Dynasty has protected the great expansion of the human race. But the hand of the dynasty has grown oppressive to the colonists of New Atlantis. Led by the charismatic Matthew Freeman, these peaceful farmers and researchers refuse to leave their homes despite the might warships encircling their world.

Deep beneath the ocean floor of New Atlantis a startling discovery has been made: ancient ships, constructed of living light. This mysterious alien technology could give the colonists a chance to fight back against the Dynasty; something few have dared to do.

Flagship Briefing:

Flagship is an expandable card game. It includes everything two, three, or four players need to play. Flagship also includes deck construction rules for expert level commanders.

Each player selects a Flagship, Commander, and fleet of escort ships. Ships rip into each other with Guided, Direct, and Boarding attacks in an attempt to destroy the enemy fleet. The first player to destroy the enemy flagship wins!

Enhance your Flagship experience with Coyote Stands and command the fleets of the Kirikin Swarm and Standing Nations.

Game Components

CARDS 110 full-color Playing cards (55 card Heisenberg Dynasty deck; 55 card Freeman's Followers deck)


  • 6 dice
  • Rulebook

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