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Volume 1 Number 7


Game Module

6 Great Battles of Epaminondas
  • PDF An official designer's module for Alexander Deluxe featuring the battles Leuctra and Mantinea.

  • Features

    11 Foundations of Victory: Reasons for Macedonian Supremacy
  • Alexander the Great's conquest of the Persian Empire has no parallel in Western Military history.
  • 14 Equus Preview: Cavalry Battles of the Second Punic War
  • Equus will be released as an official SPQR battle module. Here is a preview of that module, plus one of the battles, Ticinus, 218BC.
  • 16 Truceless War: Hamilcar Barca Puts Down a Mercenary Revolt
  • PDF Four new SPQR battle scenarios: the battles Utica, 240BC; Hippacritae, 240BC; Tunis, 238BC; and Leptis, 238BC.
  • 23 Invasion: Norway 1940
  • PDF An after action report detailing the quick start invasion plan. Also, new naval rules and designer's notes by Kevin Boylan.
  • 34 GMT Operational Series: The Best Laid Plans
  • PDF Optional combat rules for Air Bridge to Victory, Silver Bayonet and Operation Shoestring.
  • 41 Lost Victory: Force March Rules
  • These rules were taken out of the original rulebook, but many players have asked for them.
  • 42 Optional Rules for Down In Flames Series
  • PDF Wingman gunner attacks, air-to-ground rockets, and critical hits.
  • 44 Typhoon! and Invasion: Norway
  • Rules clarifications by the designers.

  • Departments

    2 From the Editor's Desk
    3 Inside GMT
    4 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    40 GMT Games Ratings Chart
    46 Letters to the Editor
    47 Feedback Questions & Results
    48 Opinion & Outlook

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