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Volume 1 Number 6


Game Modules

6 The Battle of Telamon, 225BC
  • The defeat at Telamon was avenged by the Celts within a decade, in a burst of glory at Cannae. A complete Great Battles of History module.
  • 10 Mago: Youngest of the Lion's Blood
  • Three new battle modules for SPQR: Celt-Iberia; Po River; and Mago Lives, a what-if variant for Zama.

  • Features

    16 Carthaginian Commanders of the Second Punic War
  • Who was who in the Second Punic War? A scoreboard listing with major commanders and other leaders who fought for Carthage.
  • 20 The Rise of the Luftwaffe and Eighth Air Force
  • Two after action reports detailing the ebb and flow of air combat in the first two volumes of the Down in Flames series, plus designer's notes.
  • 29 Rise of the Luftwaffe Campaign Variant
  • Squadron generation, from the Boys of Abbeville to Yugoslavia.
  • 30 Three Days of Gettysburg: McPherson's Ridge & Iron Brigade Scenarios
  • Two new scenarios for both beginning and experienced players.
  • 36 Britain Stands Alone: From the Admiralty's Point of View
  • The Admiralty was more than willing to defend England -- but not defend England to the death. These men were not great risk takers.
  • 39 Britain Stands Alone: New Air Variants
  • There is still room for other what-ifs in Britain Stands Alone, without stretching plausibility. Two variants, one for each side, can be added.
  • 41 Britain Stands Alone: Options & Rules Clarifications
  • Even more what-ifs for Britain Stands Alone, plus some design and development insights and rules clarifications.
  • 43 Rules Clarifications
  • Three Days of Gettysburg, Eighth Air Force, Diadochoi
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    2 From the Editor's Desk
    3 Inside GMT
    4 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    33 On the Drawing Board
    46 Communication Link: Letters
    47 Feedback Questions & Results

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