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cover 69K

Volume 1 Number 5


Game Modules

12 PDF The Battle of Castulo, 221BC
  • Following the defeat of Hasdrubal Barca at Dertosa, Carthage sends reinforcements to Spain. A complete module for Great Battles of History.
  • 21 PDF Alexander the Great in Italy, 319-318BC
  • An SPQR / Deluxe Alexander battle module: possible battles of history -- the Battle of Siris, 319BC, and the Last Battle, 318BC.

  • Features

    6 Rampaging Pachyderms
  • The sub-optimal use of elephants in Alexander, Caesar, SPQR and the Great Battles of History modules.
  • 18 Crisis: Korea 1995
  • Part two covering the mechanics, strategies and tactics in the game.
  • 26 The Clash of Swords, the Thunder of Hooves
  • Proper tactics for SPQR -- simulating the conflict between two successful but markedly different military systems.
  • 32 PDF Down in Flames Fighting Log: The Rise of the Luftwaffe
  • Part two, the Advanced Game, a guided tour of the game with tactical tips and insights.
  • 36 Silver Bayonet, Vietnam 1965
  • How to roll ones in the mountains and other tricks.
  • 43 PDF The Battles of Waterloo: Hougomont Scenario
  • A good scenario for both beginning and experienced players.
  • 44 Rules Clarifications
  • Official rules clarifications for Deluxe Alexander, The Battles of Waterloo, and Britain Stands Alone.

  • Departments

    3 Inside GMT
    4 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    47 Feedback Questions & Results
    48 On the Drawing Board

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