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cover 74K

Volume 1 Number 3


Game Modules

14 Hammer of God, Judea vs. the Seleucids
  • Part two of a game module for SPQR, covering the Maccabæan Revolt, 167-160BC, including the battles of Nahal el-Haramiah, Beth Horon and Emmaus.
  • 27 PDF Luftwaffe: Malta Campaign
  • A complete game module for Rise of the Luftwaffe

  • Features

    6 Developer's Notebook: What's Next for the Down In Flames Series?
  • Work has begun on the first boxed module of the series, Eighth Air Force.
  • 8 From Alexander the Great to Gustavus Adolphus
  • Basic battlefield encounters in the Great Battles of History.
  • 18 Macedonian Counterplan
  • Response to last issue's Persian Plan for the Battle of Issus.
  • 20 PDF Crisis: Korea 1995, the Next War in Asia
  • Battle Report: Anatomy of a Victory: Who will win the next war in Asia?
  • 29 PDF Designer's Notebook: Back to the Blitz, 1940
  • The designer of Victory in the West presents new options, new units, and a new scenario, the Broken Blade.
  • 34 PDF Tactical Decision Aid for Thunderbolt / Apache Leader
  • A mission-planning tool to aid you in flying more successful campaigns.
  • 38 PDF A Hornet Leader TDA Update
  • Covering the HL Expansion Kit found in Thunderbolt / Apache Leader
  • 40 PDF Fifty Minutes Over the Blackboard: Hornet Leader in the Classroom
  • Adapting Hornet Leader to the classroom at the United States Naval Academy
  •   PDF Inserts


    3 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    45 Inside GMT
    46 Downlink & Uplink
    47 Feedback Questions & Results
    48 On the Drawing Board

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