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cover 67K

Volume 1 Number 2

Spring 1993

Game Module

22 PDF Hammer of God, Judea vs. the Seleucids
  • Part one of a game module for SPQR, covering the Maccabæan Revolt, 167-160BC, including the battles of Nahal el-Haramiah, Beth Horon and Emmaus.

  • Features

    6 The Battle of Mine Run, 1863
  • The greatest battle ever fought in the American Civil War
  • 14 PDF Persian Plan for Issus, 333BC
  • Turning the tables on the Macedonians in Alexander
  • 16 PDF Gustavus Adolphus. the Dawn of Modern Warfare
  • Preview of GMT's Lion of the North
  • 28 PDF Arctic Storm: The Russo-Finnish Winter War, 1939-40
  • How the Finnish environment affected military strategy in the Winter War
  • 34 PDF Battle Report: I Confess to a Soviet Disaster in Arctic Storm
  • Not reading the historical background prior to play can lead to a defeat
  • 36 PDF Designer's Notebook: White Death, the Battle of Suomussalmi
  • The designer of Arctic Storm presents a historical analysis of the combined battles of Suomussalmi and the Raate road that destroyed a Soviet Rifle Corps
  • 39 PDF Player's Notebook: What Happened to the Soviet 54th?
  • A new game variant for Arctic Storm with die-cut counters included
  • 42 Global Turmoil in the 1990's: Pax Americana, Iran, and the Future
  • C3i's analysis of world flashpoints, military conflicts and potential wars.

  • Departments

    3 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    40 Rules Clarifications
    46 Downlink & Uplink
    47 Feedback Questions & Results
    48 The German View
    48 On the Drawing Board

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