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VPG/GMT Deluxe Editions

In late 2010, we formed a strategic partnership with our friends at Victory Point Games. The focus of this agreement was to create a collaboration to bring some of the best of VPG's games to a broader market of gamers, utilizing VPG game systems enhanced with high-quality components (mounted mapboards, large thick counters, standard sized cards, etc) under the GMT Games label. These "Deluxe Versions" also include expansions, upgrades, and/or new battles in addition to what is included in the VPG versions of the games, so there is a lot here that is brand new even to veterans of the VPG versions. All of the GMT/VPG games we've thus far agreed to collaborate on are focused on two of VPGs most popular series' - the No Retreat Series and the Napoleonic 20 series. Individual GMT versions of those games are listed below. Here's our quick take on each of the games:

The first game released under this collaboration was NO RETREAT: Deluxe Edition, which launched in August 2011, to broad acclaim and excellent sales. It sold out within a year, and we now have a reprint version up on our P500 list. We added a second game in this series, No Retreat: The North African Front, which we shipped in November, 2013. We have also just added two more No Retreat Games to our P500 list - No Retreat 3: The French and Polish Fronts, and No Retreat 4: The Italian Front.

The first of our Nappy 20 series quad games, FADING GLORY,shipped in late 2012 and is selling well. We added a second quad pack, RISING GLORY, to the P500 list in late summer, 2013, and it is now nearing 500 on the P500 list. These four-game packs are "entry level games on steroids," with a small number of counters in each game, but very interesting systems and tons of replayability.

We invite you to click the game boxes below to get more details on each game, and, if you like what you see, place a P500 order to help us get these published. We at GMT, and all of our friends at VPG, deeply appreciate your support of our venture.

Fading Glory: Napoleonic Series 20 Multi-Pack #1
Multi-pack #1 of VPG's Napoleonic Series 20 Games with Larger Counters and Mounted Maps
No Retreat 3: The French and Polish Fronts
Game 3 in Carl Paradis' No Retreat Series
Status:  Not there yet
Orders To Date:  448
No Retreat 4: The Italian Front
The Italian Campaign using the No Retreat system
Status:  Made the Cut
Orders To Date:  519
No Retreat: The North African Front - Deluxe Edition
A Deluxe Version of Game #2 in VPG's CSR-Nominated WWII Series
No Retreat: The Russian Front - Deluxe Ed. - Reprint
P500 Reprint

A Deluxe Version of VPG's CSR-Nominated East Front Game
Status:  Not there yet
Orders To Date:  226
Rising Glory
2nd Title in GMT's Deluxe Versions of Multi-Pack Napoleonic Quads from VPG Games
Status:  Made the Cut
Orders To Date:  542